Alexa Champions

Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

About the Program

As the Alexa developer community has grown, we’ve been humbled by the contributions of enthusiastic developers who have created new tools and tutorials, educated other developers in forums, online training and meetups, and shared their Alexa story on blogs and social media. Alexa Champions is a recognition program designed to honor the most engaged developers and contributors in the community. Through their passion and knowledge for Alexa, these individuals continue to educate and inspire other developers in the community – both online and offline.  

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Champion Spotlight

Austin Wilson

Austin Wilson likes to learn how things work, inspiring him to build a voice-powered car using the Alexa Skills Kit.

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Jess Williams and Oscar Merry

Alexa Developer Rewards have enabled Jess Williams and Oscar Merry to perfect some of the “secret sauce” necessary to build engaging and profitable skills.

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Meet the Champions

North America  |  Europe  |  Asia

North America

Steven Arkonovich

Portland, OR

Andrea Bianco

Marana, AZ

Mark Carpenter

Grand Rapids, MI

Brian Donohue

Oakland, CA

Joel Evans

Boston, MA

Drew Firment

Richmond, VA

John Gillilan

Los Angeles, CA

Leor Grebler

Toronto, Canada

April L. Hamilton

Los Angeles, CA

Tom Hudson

Austin, TX

Darian Johnson

Dallas, TX

Matt Kruse

Moline, IL

Bob Lautenbach

Orlando, FL

Heather Luna

Seattle, WA

Eric Olson

Seattle, WA

Terren Peterson

Richmond, VA

Walter Quesada

Miami, FL

Nick Schwab

Southfield, MI

Bob Stolzberg

St. Louis, MO

Travis Teague


Mark Tucker

Gilbert, AZ

Rick Wargo

Blue Pell, PA

John Wheeler

San Diego, CA

Kesha Williams

Atlanta, GA

Austin Wilson

Rocky River, OH


Tilmann Böhme

Berlin, Germany

Ralf Eggert

Hamburg/Pinneberg, Germany

Tom Hewitson

London, England

Tim Kahle

Cologne, Germany

Ryan Kroonenburg

Twickenham, England

Sam Machin

Bristol, England

Oscar Merry

London, England

Liam Sorta

Brighton, England

Hicham Tahiri

Paris, France

Jess Williams

London, England

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Adva Levin


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Tomoharu Ito


Hidetaka Okamoto

Kyoto, Japan