Alexa Champions

Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

John Kelvie

Orlando, FL, USA

John is the Co-founder and CEO of Bespoken, the leading testing, training and monitoring platform for Alexa, IVR and chatbots. He has been working with Conversational AI for more than ten years, initially primarily with speech recognition, and started Bespoken five years ago to help developers build exceptional voice experiences. He has worked with customers and partners such as Disney, Mercedes-Benz, BNP Paribas, iHeartRadio and IBM to help them optimize and ensure the quality of their applications. It's consistently challenging and exhilirating to work in a space where there is so much innovation, and always something new to learn. He is  particularly proud of the work they have done with Alexa, such as on the "Hey Disney" voice assistant and with hundreds of skill developers big and small.

In his personal life, he enjoys biking, listening to music, watching foreign movies, and spending time with his amazing wife and daughter.

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