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Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Heidi Culbertson

Naples, Florida

Heidi Culbertson has spent 20+ years in emerging tech as a business leader, application consultant and product designer. But in late 2014, it was a first-hand experience seeing the immediate impact Alexa had on quality of life for an older parent that began Heidi’s journey into voice.

“Voice is the ideal interface to meet people wherever they are. Voice can keep folks moving, keep them thinking and keep them connected.”

Heidi went all-in on voice in early 2016 founding Marvee, a voice strategy consultancy and voice design studio creating voice experiences to engage the large and varied over-50 population. Heidi published one of the first 2500 Alexa Skills to provide family notifications and continues to build both public and private skills for wellness, fitness and fun.

Heidi speaks at industry events, has assisted in the development of AWS Certification Examinations by serving as a subject matter expert for the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder exam, and regularly tweets about voice user data and testing insights. The Alexa developer community perhaps knows Heidi best for her fun and creative workshops held for developers, designers and brands to better understand the 50+ cohort and learn important design nuances to leverage for success.

“We have an incredible opportunity to embrace the 50+ cohort in building voice experiences. They are a massive and varied demographic with tremendous economic spend. It’s inclusion, accessibility and social good, and it is also just smart business.”

Heidi is a graduate of Miami University (OH).

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