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Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Xavier Portilla Edo

Valencia, Spain

Xavier Portilla Edo began his career in voice technology in October 2019, by developing four Alexa skills: Pokemundo, Soccer Results, Basketball Results, and APM. Passionate about the power of voice, Xavier founded Voicity, the first voice agency that helps build smart cities by leveraging voice-enabled devices.

Xavier has written numerous articles about Alexa focusing on developer tools, testing, and automation. His first book about Alexa development, The Alexa Revolution, is available in Spanish and English. Xavier is an organizer of the Spanish Alexa Community and the creator of the popular Spanish-language podcast about Alexa, El Interior de Alexa. As of mid-2021, Xavier’s voice-smart city agency Voicity has already helped more than 55,000 citizens.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Resultados Baloncesto: This skill provides you information of the NBA teams pertaining to previous, live, and future matches.
  • Resultados fútbol: This skill provides a wealth of information about the teams in the main leagues, including previous, live, and future matches. You can also find out the current positions in the leagues and the top scorers.

Alexa Contributions

  • La Revolución de Alexa, the very first book in Spanish about Alexa development.
  • Articles about Alexa Development contains numerous articles about Alexa development in Spanish and English.
  • Podcast "El Interior De Alexa" reveals a vision of the world of Alexa from the inside out. In this podcast Xavier talks about the most relevant news, does reviews and above all talks about programming.
  • Speaker – Xavier has spoken at several conferences about Alexa and Voice First use cases.
  • Voicity Agency, an voice agency that creates smart cities with the help of voice-enabled devices.

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