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Ashish Jha

New Delhi, India

Ashish Jha's journey in voice began in November 2017 when Alexa first launched in India. Since then, he has been immersed in the voice-first ecosystem, building more than 500 Alexa skills across a variety of domains for businesses ranging from SMBs to the top Fortune 500 brands.

Ashish has worked with multiple Voice AI product start-ups and Alexa agencies across the globe. He has won numerous Alexa Hackathons and has twice been awarded Alexa Community Evangelist of the Year. He leads the Alexa Community India efforts by conducting webinars, tech talks, meetups as well as other community events. He also conducts live courses geared towards Alexa skill development in conjunction with O’Reilly Media. He can be found binge-watching any number of dystopian series in his spare time, seeking inspiration for his next voice game.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Keeping Up: This skills involves you in oddball and funny situations that entertain you while also teaching you to be mindful of your personal financial habits.
  • Learn Lingo: This skill is a simple, fun way to learn new phrases in a language of your choice and practice pronunciation listening to human-like voices.
  • Rocket.Chat: This skill is an empowering way of interacting with your Rocket.Chat server.
  • Name Analysis: This skill helps you find out if your name is helping or hurting you by answering the common question, "What does my name mean?"
  • Indian Traveler: This skill is your travel companion for India, giving you the lowdown on visa requirements and embassy details, trip-planning and recommendations, Indian language translation, and much more.

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