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Teri Fisher

Vancouver, Canada

Teri Fisher is a Sport & Exercise Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is an experienced TEDx and keynote speaker (he prefers the term ‘performer’), author, podcaster, briefcaster, educator, and consultant, who loves sharing his excitement and passion for Amazon Alexa and voice-first technology.

Teri has been an Alexa enthusiast since Alexa’s early days in Canada. At that time there were no resources on Alexa for Canadians, so Teri decided to change that. In fact, he launched the “Alexa in Canada” blog and podcast as a hobby even before Alexa made her official debut in Canada. These resources, which began as a passion-project, have gone on to become the leading Amazon Alexa resources in Canada, and some of the top Alexa resources in the world. Teri is the host of "Voice in Canada", the longest-running and #1 rated Flash Briefing and News Skill in Canada, where he helps others to discover how to get the most out of Amazon Alexa. He developed the first gamified flash briefing experience and voice marketing funnel, built on top of ”Voice in Canada”, to rave reviews.

Teri also serves the voice community through his course, “Flash Briefing Formula”, the most comprehensive flash briefing course available today. This free course is a step-by-step instruction manual for the entire process of creating, developing, launching, and marketing a top-rated flash briefing. 

Teri is also the founder of Briefcast.FM, the premier flash briefing network that curates the best flash briefings available on Amazon Alexa. Additionally, Dr. Fisher has a passion for ehealth innovation, and produces the Voice First Health educational health catalog of flash briefings.         

Teri has been a featured guest on numerous technology podcasts and he is a frequently sought-after performer about Amazon Alexa, voice-first technology, flash briefings, marketing and healthcare. Teri holds BSc, BEd, MSc, and MD degrees.

When he's not conversing with Alexa, Teri can be found trying to keep up with his active family, sitting by a campfire, or coaching his 2 kids on the ice rink or baseball diamond.

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  • Alexa in Canada Podcast: Top Amazon Alexa interviews, strategies, news, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your personal smart speaker.
  • Voice in Canada Flash Briefing: Your daily #briefcast to discover top Amazon Alexa and Echo tips, tricks, skills, reviews, news, and deals.
  • Voice First Health Flash Briefing Series: The industry-leading series of #VoiceFirstHealth flash briefings at the intersection of voice technology and healthcare education. Information is evidence-based and provides practical health care tips to improve health and wellness.
  • Flash Briefing Formula: The free step-by-step course to create, develop, launch, and market top-rated flash briefings.
  • Briefcast.FM: The premier network of the best flash briefings on Amazon Alexa.
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