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Suneet Patil

Bengaluru, India

An early adopter of voice technology well before Alexa launched in India in 2017, today Suneet Patil is an Alexa evangelist obsessed with building the Alexa community across India and the world. A co-organizer of Alexa Community Bengaluru and Alexa Community India, Suneet is an Alexa technical expert and an AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder.

A Conversational AI lead at EVRY India Bengaluru (a TietoEVRY company), Suneet has over eight and a half years of experience in software development. He works extensively on Emerging Technologies, Conversation AI, and Cloud Solutions using Cloud-Native & Microservices Architecture.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Hindi Rhymes: Kids love singing rhymes and this skill helps them easily learn Hindi rhymes by themselves in a most engaging and delightful way. This skill contains a collection of 45+ Hindi rhymes.
  • Namma R. C. B.: This one is for die-hard RCB fans. Listen to the very best of songs, while cheering for the Namma RCB IPL team.
  • Azan (APL Enabled): This skill plays Azan (Muslim Prayers).
  • Snake Ladder Game: This game skill allows you to play a traditional snake and ladder game using your voice.

Alexa Contributions

  • Co-Organizer for Alexa Community India (One of the world's biggest Alexa communities)-The 'Alexa Community - India' boasts more than 17,000 members from more than 13 cities.
  • Co-organizer for world’s first Alexa community conference - over 350 participants (speakers, attendees ) from across 3 continents, 4 countries, and 9 different Indian states
  • Co-organizer for Alexa Community, Bengaluru- Boasts have over 3450 enthusiastic active community members.
  • As an Alexa evangelist and winner of various hackathons, Suneet has given talks at IIT, Women Who Code, Meetups, Tech Events, and many others.

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