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Adva Levin

Tel Aviv, Israel

Adva Levin is the founder of Pretzel Labs, a pioneering voice-first studio creating original and branded voice experiences with a focus on kids and families. Adva is fascinated and driven by the magic that happens when people speak, and form relationships, with products that talk.

Named a top 11 leader in voice product and design by, Adva speaks at conferences and leads workshops on various elements of voice design, designing for kids, voice for storytellers, and writing human interactions with ai personas. She is also a voice design mentor for Career Foundry’s Voice Design course.

Adva’s first skill, Kids Court, features an Alexa-based judge that settles kids fights. It won the grand prize in the Alexa Kids Skill Challenge and was featured by Amazon as a top 25 skill of 2018. Since then Pretzel Lab  has created multiple popular Alexa skills for families, and has initiated a long-term research project in schools exploring how smart speakers can revolutionize learning.

Adva holds a B.Sc in mathematics and economics from Tel Aviv University and an MFA in creative writing and literary translation from Columbia University, and has a background in game design, product management and content strategy.

Published Skills

  • Kids Court: No more fighting! Take your rivals to Kids Court and watch them get what they deserve. Play the defendant and the prosecutor in cases from your real life and let Judge Lexy get justice. Top 25 skill of 2018 and the grand prize winner of the Alexa Kids Skills Challenge.
  • KIDZ BOP Star: Are you ready to be a KIDZ BOP Star? A partnership between The KIDZ BOP Kids and Pretzel Labs, The KIDZ BOP Kids are here to help you get ready to hit the stage. Sing with us!
  • Freeze Dancers: Dance while the music plays, freeze when the music stops!
  • Out the Door: An adventure story that helps kids complete their morning routine while having fun.
  • Baby Lullaby: A sweet relaxing tune, proven to put the most stubborn babies to sleep.

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