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Giorgio Magrin

Padova, Italy

Giorgio Magrin is the founder of Navoo, a web-company founded in 2013. Giorgio’s daily job is being the business development and project manager of the different branches of Navoo.

Navoo develops web sites, Alexa Skills of its own, Alexa Skills for other companies and it’s a Solution Provider Qualified for Alexa Smart Properties.

Giorgio found out in 2017 that Amazon allowed developers to create Skills for Alexa, and went to London to buy an Echo device (that was not sold in Italy). When Alexa was released in Italy in 2018, Navoo was already ready to publish a game Skill.

From that day, Navoo has developed more than 35 Skills for Alexa.
Navoo customers are international brands from different markets (services, show business, automotive and more).

During 2022, after a long phase of internal development of an own solution, Navoo was approved by Amazon as a Solution Provider Qualified for Alexa Smart Properties. That means the possibility to provide Alexa to resorts, hotels, B&B and senior living properties in Italy.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Domanda del giorno: a trivia game where Alexa asks a different question each day, suggests you the alternative answers and tells a curiosity related to the question showing an image and the percentages of different answers.
  • Caduta libera: a trivia game related to a famous Italian TV gameshow, where players must guess words, phrases, titles and more, playing alone or in multi-player mode.
  • Parola di mezzo: a game where player have to guess the word that can be a link, for various reasons, between other two words, creating a long chain of words.
  • Nomi, Cose, Città: a game where Alexa extracts a letter and ask to say a word from different categories (animal, foods, names, jobs, …). Published in Italian and English (Just Words).
  • Raccolta rifiuti: a user-generated content Skill. In most places in Italy, wastes have to be divided in different types and posted outside the door. Every day the public administration collect a different type of waste (paper, plastic, metal, glass, …). Every place has a different calendar. Each user can create a calendar of its door-to-door trash collection (and share it with others), and then ask Alexa information or set an automatic reminder.

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