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Sarah Andrew Wilson

Washington, DC

Sarah Andrew Wilson is the Chief Content Officer at, the brand behind highly ranked Alexa skills that customers love, including Question of the Day, Find My Phone, Kids Quiz, and Guess My Name. At, she oversees content strategy, UX design, and communications, creating delightful voice-first experiences for millions of users of all ages, in eight countries and multiple languages around the world.

Wilson previously spent over 20 years in the music industry, working with internationally renowned performing artists and educators at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, Levine Music, Wolf Trap Foundation, and Washington National Opera. She holds an Executive Certificate in Arts & Culture Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania, and music degrees from the University of North Texas (B.M.) and Arizona State University (M.M.).

Published Skills

  • Question of the Day: Each day, Alexa's Question of the Day poses a new trivia question, from arts and entertainment to literature and science. Earn bonus questions, collect points, compete against other fans, and learn something new everyday!
  • Kids Quiz: As seen in USA TODAY! Kids Quiz poses fun new questions everyday for children ages 5-12, from animals and science to brain teasers and fun facts. Kids Quiz is a great way for children to reinforce their learning and discover new things about the world. 
  • Sound Machine: Sound Machine is the most complete ambient sounds skill for Amazon Alexa, perfect for sleeping, relaxing, meditating, studying, or setting an atmosphere. Choose from dozens of high quality sounds, all within one skill that remembers your preferences.
  • Guess My Name: Guess My Name is the fun guessing game for solo play or with friends and family. Pick from over a dozen categories, hear a series of clues, and guess the answer. But be quick: the score drops with every new clue!
  • Riddle of the Day: The small app for bigger brains: see if you can solve the daily riddle before 4pm when we reveal the answer! Everyday brings a new riddle for the entire family to enjoy.

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