Alexa Champions

Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Hugo Catchpole

London, England

Hugo started developing for Alexa in 2017 as a digital nomad. 

In 2019, he returned to London and Founded HUGO.FM. He now has a small team working on Alexa full time. 

Always keen to chat to Alexa developers and enthusiasts, you can find him attending the conversational AI London meet-ups. 

As a developer who has been making Alexa skills since they came to the UK, he has made over 200 Alexa skills. Hugo is an example of someone who turned a hobby into a full time business that now employs people: excited about the future and how Alexa will be a part of it.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Over 200 skills published including:
  • Mini Games: The newest venture- putting many little games into one skill and putting it into a subscription.
  • Pub Quiz: A typical British Pub quiz that got very popular during lockdown and has kept a solid community since.
  • Animal Sounds: My first skill that went big. I have since added a subscription that gets you animal podcasts, animal sound loops, music videos and dinosaur sounds. With dinosaur videos coming soon.
  • Big Fart: Went viral with celebrities like Seth Rogan and Lewis Capaldi videoing themselves using it. Created a musical character called Mr Farts who now has millions of streams on many of the major streaming services.
  • Santa: Got The Mince Pie Song By Santa to number one on the Amazon music charts in the UK. 

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