Alexa Smart Properties for Healthcare
Voice-driven experiences to help patients regain control, empower care teams, and differentiate your facility.

Keep patients connected and engaged

Offer voice-driven experiences that improve patient comfort and satisfaction by helping them adapt to their surroundings and feel more independent during their stay.

Improving patient experience 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital uses Alexa to deliver AI driven voice experiences to delight patients and empower care teams.

Deliver more personalized, convenient care

Use standard and customized Alexa skills to make your patients’ stay go smoother.

"Alexa, what's the WiFi address?"

Enable patients to take care of routine questions and requests on their own.

"Alexa, open the blinds."

Keep patients in control, and in bed using smart home integrations. 

"Alexa, I need a blanket."

Route requests to the right place for fast service and workforce efficiencies.

Empowering care teams at BayCare 

See how BayCare Health System serves patients and helps staff with Alexa Smart Properties.

Value and empower care teams

Use voice through Alexa-enabled devices to handle routine questions and streamline work, reducing the burden on your care team and freeing them to operate at the top of their license.

Support collaboration and accelerate requests for backup, services, and supplies.

Set timers and alarms to support the delivery of care.

Enable nurses to check on patients remotely.

Differentiate and stand out as a best-in-class health system

Create experiences that enhance your reputation as a cutting-edge facility to drive patient preference for your hospital.

“The first thing the patient noticed when she walked into the room was the Alexa device bedside. She told us she was thinking she would have to bring her own Alexa device into the room during her stay, but she was delighted to have that already waiting for her.”

- Craig Anderson, Director of Innovation, BayCare Health System

Alexa Smart Properties makes it easy to harness the power of voice

Privacy and Security

No voice recordings are stored, no personal or financial information is collected, and the camera can be force-disabled. 

Friction-free Set-up

APIs and a web UI make it easy to set up, roll out, and centrally manage your fleet of devices across your health system. 

Actionable Insights

Analytics on device usage can help you better understand what your patients and staff need to improve their experience. 

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Alexa Solution Providers provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. 

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