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Jarek Beksa

Auckland, New Zealand

Jarek has worn many hats in his career: programmer, researcher, academic lecturer, founder, designer, producer, and sound engineer. He is currently teaching Game Design at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. 

His vision is sound - literally. Jarek is passionate about accessible design, sound engineering, user experience, games, and interactive storytelling. He is excited about the ways voice-activated technology could revolutionize these areas.  

He is a creator of award-winning voice applications and is leading New Zealand's first voice application studio. 

Jarek was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship at Auckland University of Technology and is currently working on completing his Ph.D. studies on accessible interfaces in games.

Published Skills

  • Stolen Stars of Matariki
    A bilingual (English and Māori) story that combines passionate storytelling, sound effects, music, and visuals to create a highly engaging language learning experience. 
  • Blind Foundation New Zealand
    This skill allows accessing to Blind Foundation's audio library with over 30,000 titles, including books and magazines.
  • Red Riding Hood - Interactive Story
    A new take on choose-your-own-adventure stories that use professional voice actors, sound effects, music, and art to reinvent classic fairy tales.
  • Best Thunderstorm Sounds
    High quality, premium ambience sound pack is the best way to relax, stay focused, meditate, fall asleep faster and better!
  • Rugby Xplorer
    With this Skill, you can get a summary of results, fixtures, the Daily Wrap or the latest Rugby Nation.
  • Kids Karaoke
    First Karaoke for kids on Alexa with many songs in two versions: with vocals and instrumental.
  • SEN
    SEN is a sport and entertainment network with 24/7 sport radio stations in Melbourne and Adelaide, plus digital platforms that serve specialized streams and content into every Australian market. Hosts include Gerard Whateley.

Connect with Jarek

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  • Auckland Alexa Meetup - organized the first meetup in New Zealand about Alexa and voice assistants.
  • Alexa Skill Development Workshops at the Auckland University of Technology

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