Alexa Champions

Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Fiona Morgan

London, England

Fiona Kate Morgan is Chief Operating Officer for, an Alexa game developer based in London. 

Designing for Alexa has allowed her to bring her extensive BBC production experience and technical background together, focusing on creating new-style content that maximises the use cases for smart speakers. 

Previously her work at the BBC has seen her release the world’s first real-time radio play along game with the UK’s biggest youth music station, BBC Radio 1. As well as bitesize updates for some of the biggest sporting events throughout the year.

In addition to speaking at multiple events in 2019, Fiona is one of the leaders of Women in Voice, working to build the London chapter through in-person meet-ups and online events. She champions diverse and welcoming workforces and hopes to encourage more young people from underrepresented backgrounds to take up a career within voice through school visits and social engagements. 

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