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Tapan Chauhan

Pune, India

Tapan Chauhan, a true technology enthusiast, was captivated by the rise of voice technology, particularly Alexa. Leaving behind a steady career in healthcare, he transitioned into consulting, assisting brands to cultivate distinctive voice experiences for their customers.

Amid the global pandemic in 2020, _Tapan decided to take things a step further. Inspired by positive feedback and the joy of creation, he founded Smart Voice Studio( The firm provides services across various sectors, from real estate and digital marketing to retail, healthcare, and education.

Smart Voice Studio won the Amazon Alexa skills challenge : Alexa conversations for Best Travel and Transportation Skill. (

Today, Smart Voice Studio, now a team of five, not only offers invaluable consulting services but also innovates by developing its own Alexa skills. Smart Voice Studio is now partnering with Digital Marketing Agencies to help their clients build engaging voice experiences.

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