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Christian Mahnke

Heidelberg, Germany

Christian Mahnke has been a driving force in the world of interactive audio stories since co-founding EarReality, the market leading publisher of immersive audio experiences. Hailing from Heidelberg, Germany, Christian's passion for audio storytelling has enabled him to collaborate with top-tier clients such as Audible, Disney, BMW, 20th Century Fox, and various game studios to create engaging audio experiences on Amazon Alexa.

As CEO of EarReality, Christian is responsible for shaping the company's vision and strategic direction, while overseeing the creation and implementation of cutting-edge audio stories. His innovative approach to interactive audio content has not only helped his clients bring their IPs to life but has also redefined the landscape of audio entertainment.

Christian is deeply involved in the audio community, participating in industry events, conferences, and workshops across Germany, Europe, and the United States. His commitment to fostering the growth of the audio sector has made him a sought-after speaker and mentor for those exploring the future of voice technology and interactive storytelling.

Embracing the need for diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry, Christian is a strong advocate for initiatives such as Women in Voice and other groups that promote equal access to knowledge and opportunities for all. Through his work at EarReality, Christian continues to push the boundaries of audio experiences, proving the limitless potential of voice technology in storytelling.

Alexa Skills Published

  • "Der Zauberwald"  - The most successful interactive audio storyline for kids, 120.000+ users in the last 3 years on Amazon Alexa Germany alone
  • "Der Eiserne Falke"  - The interactive audio story that won the Amazon Alexa Games Skill Award in 2018
  • "TWIST Tales"  - The portal for interactive audio stories which includes 25+ stories at the moment and is constantly being updated
  • "Interactive Short Stories"  - A new and innovative approach of meeting user requirements on Amazon Alexa with interactive audio stories.

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