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Nieves Ábalos Serrano

Madrid, Spain

Nieves is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Monoceros Labs, an Innovation Studio focused on building voice and multimodal apps for assistants like Amazon Alexa in Spanish, working on education, health, and games, and researching on how elderly and kids use voice interfaces. Also, as sharing is part of our DNA, we help organizations create new digital products based on conversations. She is AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder. 

Knowing the current limitations of technology, and understanding the conversational design principles of conversations (through voice and text) her goal is to create the best experiences for users of voice interfaces.

Nieves is part of the Women in Voice leadership team and started the Spanish chapter at Madrid. She aims to create a strong community around voice interfaces and loves sharing her learnings at events (meetups and conferences) and teaching at courses. 

Since 2009, Nieves has been researching on Conversational AI (Dialog Systems, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence applied to conversational interfaces). She finished her Computer Engineering degree at University of Granada (UGR) with “Mayordomo”, a multimodal domotic butler to manage household virtually. She continued the research evaluating dialogue systems with an MSc and a half-way PhD (unfinished to enter the private sector). From 2013 to 2018, at the R&D department of BEEVA (part of BBVA), she experimented with NLP, voice assistants like Alexa in English, and was Product Manager of an Intelligent Agents platform. 

Published Skills

  • "Veo Veo" a guessing game for kids in Spanish (ES, MX, US)
  • "Palabras británicas" for Spanish speakers to learn English, awarded in the Devpost Multimodal Challenge with the Best Multimodal Experience (Spanish Store)

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