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Jody Burnett


Described as a creative whirlwind in the world of voice, Jody Burnett leveraged his 30 years of tech experience to found VoiceSkills Inc. He has led teams creating Alexa skills for major brands such as Amazon, Microsoft and PMI, as well as helping create thousands of Alexa skills for clients around the globe.

Now with MOSSA, a one-stop voice-first agency, Jody has contributed to the creation of the AWS Alexa certification exam and recently served as a member of the Alexa Developers Advisory Council. He has long been an evangelist for the Alexa community, running meetup events in the tech district in San Antonio, Texas, and hands-on workshops for middle schoolers in the area. Jody is a graduate of Lamar University.

Alexa Skills Published

  • PMI Customer Care: This skill was created for the Project Management Institute to assist customers in contacting the organization regarding product and service support or obtaining answers to common and frequently asked questions.
  • Philip Foster Farm: This skill allows guests at the Philip Foster Farm historic site to ask Alexa for information, go on tours, and hear seasonal stories from virtual members of the Foster family.
  • Art Today: This skill utilizes Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services to compare historical events with contemporary dates and get access the vast collection of art found in the open dataset of the New York Metropolitan Art Museum.
  • Crossword Solver: This skill lets you search the world's largest crossword dictionary for answers to your crossword clues, including up-to-date Quick, General Knowledge, and Cryptic crossword puzzle answers.
  • Ten Minutes of Terror: This skill offers four popular old-time scary radio stories and two indie scary stores for free.

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