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Kesha Williams

Atlanta, Georgia

Kesha Williams is an award-winning software engineer with over 20 years’ experience specializing in full-stack web development. She has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Europe, and Asia while teaching at the university level. She routinely leads innovation teams in proving out emerging technologies and shares her learnings at technical conferences around the globe.

She has developed several popular Alexa skills and was featured as one of the Women of Voice. She most recently won the Ada Lovelace Award in Computer Engineering from LookFar and the Think Different Innovation Award from Chick-fil-A for her work with emerging technologies and artificial intelligence.

In her spare time, she leads the Georgia chapter of Technovation, writes news for InfoQ, mentors women in tech, and conducts free "Hour of Code" workshops for children at her local library.

Alexa Skills Published

  • STEM Women: Women continue to face barriers in their participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields because STEM fields are predominantly male. STEM Women seeks to close the gender gap by highlighting women doing great things in STEM and sharing their stories with the world.
  • Live Plan Eat: The Alexa Live, Plan, Eat skill is taking the stress out of meal planning. Don't know what to cook? Just ask Alexa for meal ideas. Want to plan your weekly menu in advance? Just ask Alexa to save a menu item to your meal plan for today, tomorrow, or a specific date.
  • Speak Jamaican: Alexa is making learning about the island of Jamaica fun and easy. With the Speak Jamaican skill, Alexa will tell you many interesting and fun facts about Jamaica's weather, people, food, history, language, and music. Alexa can even teach you to speak Jamaican!
  • Math Genie: Math Genie grants all of your math wishes and helps you learn your multiplication facts. Have fun by asking the genie to tell you a random multiplication fact or ask for the answer to a multiplication problem!
  • Spellcaster: Kids often have trouble spelling hard words. Spellcaster can help kids learn how to spell any word they don't know how to spell. Go ahead, have fun with Spellcaster and see which new words you can learn today!
  • Text Santa: Did you know that Alexa is good friends with Santa? Kids can use Alexa to quickly send a text message to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas. Santa adds the item to the Christmas list and sends a fun message back.
  • Word Jumble: This is a game where a word is jumbled and you have to guess the word in as little tries as possible. If you guess correctly, you gain a coin. If you guess incorrectly three times in a row, you lose a coin. Coins can be traded in for hints. If you run out of coins, you can buy more.

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