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Steven Arkonovich

Portland, Oregon

Steven Arkonovich is a professor of philosophy and humanities at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. The primary focus of his teaching and scholarship is ethics. Steven was an Alexa enthusiast from the very beginning, actively writing Alexa applications before there even was an API. He has since developed a Ruby framework for quickly creating Alexa skills as web services. An avid audiophile, Steven’s excited about the possibilities that Alexa opens up to interact with digital media. He has published a skill providing Alexa integration with music server software, and worked with a music database company on their Alexa integration.  

Steven holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley.

Alexa Skills Published


  • Quick Events: This skill allows you to add events to your primary Google Calendar. Quick Events can check for conflicting events, and ask for confirmation before adding your event.
  • Big Sky: This skill uses the Dark Sky API to give hyper-local forecasts, hour by hour, tied to your actual street address.
  • I'm Driving: This skill will tell you the current estimated travel time by car in current traffic conditions. After enabling, enter your home address and up to five of your most traveled-to destinations on the I'm Driving page.

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  • Alexa-Hue, a program to control Hue lights with Alexa
  • Alexa-Web-Service, a Ruby framework for deploying an Alexa skill as a web service
  • Alexa-Nest, a program to control your Nest thermostat with Alexa

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