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These Guidelines are intended only for members of the Amazon Developer Program. Any uses of the Echo or Alexa badges are prohibited outside of the Program. To obtain badges or logos, please contact the relevant alias detailed in the Review Process section. Any use of Amazon brand assets must comply with all of the applicable requirements detailed below.

What is this guide?

A resource to help you understand how we view and promote Amazon Echo devices and the Alexa brand. These guidelines were created to help you navigate the Amazon requirements for usage of brand assets including names, logos, typography, and photography.

Why is it important?

Consistency of the Alexa brand, as well as clarity of use and integration of Alexa, is a large part of what makes the Alexa experience valuable for customers.

When should you use it?

This guide will help you when creating and reviewing collateral prior to and during the approval stage. Follow all guidelines and requirements for using brand assets on product packaging, retail displays, marketing materials, and TV commercials, as well as product placement in entertainment programming.

When and how should I submit for review?

See the Review Process for instructions on submitting marketing collateral for review. The following types of marketing collateral must be submitted for review:

  • TV commercials, radio broadcasting, and other video creative
  • Press releases containing a quote from Amazon
  • Sweepstakes or promotions related to Alexa or Alexa-enabled devices
  • Specific use-cases related to the following: kids’ skills or kids interacting with Alexa-enabled devices, healthcare, enterprise, hospitality, or Alexa Smart Properties
  • Any marketing assets that need an approved exception to deviate from these brand guidelines

Where to submit material for review?

See the Review Process for instructions on submitting marketing collateral for review. If you have a point of contact with Alexa Marketing, please submit to them for review. If not, please use one of the email aliases below:

Alexa Voice Service:

Works With Alexa:

Alexa Auto:

Alexa Skills:

Please allow 12+ business days for review and feedback (minimum 2 days). This could be longer during peak periods or if the request requires significant back-and-forth. Blackout dates: note that review of content will not be conducted 12/13 – 12/31. Please ensure any assets needed in this timeframe are submitted by final cutoff of 12/10. Review will pick up again on the second Monday of January.


What Are Echo Devices?

The Amazon Echo product line is a family of devices and companions that connect to Alexa and can be controlled by your voice. Amazon Echo devices connect to Alexa to play music, make calls, control your smart home, and provide information, news, sports scores, and weather.


Amazon Echo Product Lineup

Always refer to Amazon Echo devices using the full names shown below (e.g., do not say "Dot" or "Show").

Alexa Endpoints

Devices that allow customers to directly interact with Alexa.

Echo Devices


Devices that require an Echo or other Alexa endpoint to function.

Echo Companions


Wearable accessories that pair to compatible Echo devices via Bluetooth.

Echo Companions
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