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Darian Johnson

Dallas, TX

Darian Johnson is a technology consultant with deep experience implementing complex software architectures and leading large-scale software delivery programs. He currently works for Accenture as a member of their Amazon Web Services practice.  

Darian has always enjoyed researching new technologies, so he eagerly used the tools and templates provided by the Alexa team to learn about skill development. His first skill combined his passion for fitness with his interest in machine learning. His Mystic Mirror skill (which interacts with a smart mirror to send notifications on time, traffic, news and reminders) won second place in Alexa's Internet of Voice challenge on  

Darian continues to contribute to the Alexa community, by sharing the source code to his projects, providing feedback to other developers and blogging about expanding the use of Alexa in his home.  

Darian’s favorite thing about Alexa skill development is that is allows him to involve his family. His dream is that one day the entire family will develop an Alexa skill together.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Black History Facts: This skill provides facts related to African American history.
  • Blood Pressure Log: The Blood Pressure Log allows users to save their blood pressure readings. The readings can be used to calculate average blood pressure and notify users of potential hypertension issues.
  • Mystic Mirror: The Mystic Mirror skill serves as an assistant that provides information that most people want to know when starting their day. The skill can provide the current time, the weather, traffic information, and major news headlines.
  • Best Time of Day to Workout Recommendation: This skill uses your historical workout data to recommend the time of day where you are most likely to maximize workout intensity.

Connect with Darian

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