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Dyung Ngo

Melbourne, Australia

Voice developer, co-founder of Melbourne-based CogniVocal, and founder of the Melbourne Amazon Alexa Meetup, Dyung Ngo is passionate about the potential of technology to enhance people's lives and loves exploring the vast possibilities of voice.

Dyung builds a wide range of Alexa skills, from those that help companies better connect with their customers to those that help parents assist their children with their emotional development. He loves introducing traditional industries to new technologies like voice as well as building award-winning voice games. Besides being a top Alexa developer, Dyung has a diverse background working that includes aerospace engineering, vehicle crash safety design, software development, enterprise productivity and healthcare.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Farm Tycoon: This skill is a decision-making game where you take risks to prove you possess the mettle to become a Farm Tycoon.
  • Pirate Island: In this game skill, you navigate, sword fight, and use your brain to challenge cunning pirates and make tough choices to explore a ruthless adventure world.
  • NBL (National Basketball League): This skill is the official NBL skill that allows you to stay up-to-date about upcoming games, NBL Overtime podcast, the league ladder, as well as listen to games live.
  • Emotion Coaching: This skill promotes the benefits of emotion coaching for parents and the use of voice technology as an easy way to learn about emotion coaching anywhere, anytime.
  • Boxing Legends: This game skill is great fun as you block and move, duck and weave, deliver knock-out punches, and then counter-attack with jabs, hooks, crosses and uppercuts.

Alexa Contributions

  • Melbourne Amazon Alexa Meetup - For those interested in voice, technology, innovation, conversational AI and design, this meet up is the right place to build a strong community to share ideas, experiences, insight and perspective emerging from the technological wave that is voice and Amazon Alexa.
  • Speaker, Project Voice 2019 (Chattanooga, USA) - Dyungn shared his story at Project Voice about being a self-taught voice developer who overcame challenges to build award-winning and impactful voice experiences.

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