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Einat Laudon

San Francisco, California

Einat is a voice user interface designer with a diverse background that includes science, educational technology, art instruction, and UX design. As a contractor for Mobiquity, Einat designs Alexa skills for fortune 500 brands. Einat founded Chatty Creations, a studio, and an agency for voice apps. Chatty Creations’ Alexa skills are focused on Games, Entertainment, and Education. She has a passion for working with artists such as musicians, writers, and voice actors, for creating great interactive content. Her Alexa game Save the Blob is a 6 level maze/puzzle game in which users draw a map or build one with their minds to save a blob from an evil villain. The Muffin Man is an interactive song in which kids choose the next verse in the song. Kiwi Monsters is an interactive story that teaches how evolution works. Einat brings her experience, her creative mind, and her scientific logic when creating engaging voice apps. 

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