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Alexander Martin

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

A frontend architect for Europe's largest hosting provider, Alexander Martin has been developing Alexa skills since 2017. His TV program skill has been the #1 skill in the German Alexa Skill Store for several years now.

Alexander is an ardent fan of the Alexa Presentation Language (APL), first because of his experience developing classic GUI frontends, but also because APL allows him to develop even more engaging and delightful skills for Alexa. As a side project, he created APL Ninja, a social platform for Alexa developers, enthusiasts, and learners of APL, where developers can discover new things every day.

Alexa Skills Published

Alexa Contributions

  • APL Ninja, a social platform for Alexa developers, in particular enthusiasts and learners of the Alexa Presentation Language.
  • Alexa meets Retro Game: Pong, a step by step tutorial showing how to rebuild Pong with APL.

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