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Rodrigo Rubini

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rodrigo Rubini is always excited about new technologies and how they impact people's lives. In 2019, when Alexa was officially launched in Brazil, Rubini started a new "career path" by creating one of the first skills for Alexa Brazil: Colgate Kids.  

CTO in Benext, one of the most relevant agencies in voice / AI in Latin America, Rubini has created many skills and voice solutions for relevant brands such as Heinz, Bayer, Colgate Oral Care, etc.

In 2020, Bevoice, a spin-off company of Benext, started its operations and Rubini put all his experience with Alexa to create the first voice analytics tool for Alexa, officially launched during VOICE Summit 2021. Currently, Bevoice has become a powerful no code solution that allows restaurants, radios and small and medium-sized businesses to create their Alexa skill in just a few steps.

Creating games is one of the passions for Rubini. He created DPA na Escuta (from Gloob, a TV channel in Brazil), which has a vast number of MAU, returning users and total session time. The game received an award during Licensing-Con 2022 as an innovative children's voice game. "Imagem e Ação", a traditional board game in Brazil, was created for Alexa and also has exciting numbers.

Rubini is also working as a voice evangelist to spread knowledge with Alexa, voice solution and AI community as a contributor to

Feel free to reach out to me and talk about Alexa, voice solutions and AI. It will be a pleasure to have a coffee, even if it's virtual! :)

Alexa Skills Published

  • DPA na Escuta is a game that allows children to become one of the detectives unraveling mysteries. It was created using Alexa Web API for Games and Unity to create a fully immersive experience using voice, sound design and visuals.
  • Bevoice is a SaaS suite that allows companies to create an Alexa skill in a few steps, completely no code, using AI. With over 500 radio skills worldwide powered by Bevoice Radio module, the challenge was to create a solution using ASK to create, certify and deploy the skill automatically.
  • Colgate Kids is one of the very first skills created for Alexa in Brazil. Helping children when brushing their teeth, the skill features a sound design created for children and adds a rich visual to engage children in this routine.

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