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Nick Schwab

Metro Detroit, Michigan

Nick Schwab published the first sleep sound Alexa Skill in 2016 to block out noise from his upstairs apartment neighbor. The skill quickly became one of the most-used and highly rated, so Nick began to publish additional sleep sound skills. As usage of the skills continued to grow and began to generate revenue, Nick founded Invoked Apps LLC as a home for his creations in June 2017. After a few years, Nick decided to rebrand the company as Sleep Jar and leave his comfortable career at Ford Motor Company to focus on his business full time. Today, Sleep Jar's growing library of sounds and exclusive stories are listened to by millions of customers every month and the company is supported by a diverse team of Dreamers who are passionate about improving mental health.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Over 100 skills, including:
  • Sleep Jar: Sounds and stories to help you sleep, relax, meditate, or focus.
  • Rain Sounds: The first sleep sound Alexa Skill ever published.

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