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Julie Daniel Davis

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Julie Daniel Davis serves as Adjunct Edtech instructor at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she strives to impact current generation pedagogy through the lens of the unpredictable world ahead. Julie strives to be a part of facing the next paradigm of educational problem-solving to make the process of learning more personalized and streamlined. She is passionate about the possibilities that voice devices bring to the educational landscape. She believes that voice (and more specifically the Kids Edition Echo Dot) creates exciting solutions for the educational technology world.  She believes smart speakers are an economical device that creates solutions to digital equity problems in education. Julie is excited that the use of blueprints allows teachers the ability to personalize for both individual students or their classroom as a whole based on "just in time" needs. Lastly, she sees that voice creates an interface with information that does not add to screen-time usage and allows for communal access of information with less chance for off-task behavior. As an advocate for tapping into the voice paradigm in education, she strives to speak into the developer landscape to show the concerns from a k-12 perspective. Julie enjoys helping educators across the world weigh the pros and cons of using voice in the classroom. She helps teachers set up devices with best practice settings to keep student privacy in mind both in person and through her weekly flash briefing, Voice in Education. Julie recently was named as a finalist in the category of Voice/AI Commentator of the Year for the Project Voice Awards.

Published Skills

  • Voice in Education flash briefing: A briefcast that speaks into the realm of using voice in the educational landscape. This flash briefing was recently named as a finalist in the category of "Flash Briefing on the Year" for the Project Voice Awards.

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