Alexa Champions

Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Heather Luna

Seattle, WA

Heather Luna has spent the last ten years in the technology industry doing everything from working behind the counter at Geek Squad to being a systems administrator at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

She discovered her love for development when she started tinkering with Alexa. Her first skill, Happy Days, got enough attention and users to qualify for Alexa Developer Rewards. Today she shares her experience and passion for voice technology by speaking at meetups and events encouraging more underrepresented groups to get involved in voice. One of her more popular talks titled “Alexa…” describes for audiences her experiences developing her first skill in Python for Amazon Echo.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Happy Days: Are you having a bad day? Would you like to hear an inspirational quote? This is the skill for you! Simply open the Happy Days skill, sit back, and smile.
  • Internet Safety Tips: Growing up in an increasingly open and connected world can yield enormous benefits, but it also calls for greater levels of awareness and responsibility from technology users of all ages. This skill contains internet safety tips for teens, parents, and adults.