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Sabrina Delale

Paris area, France

Considering herself as a voice “evangelist” since 2017, Sabrina is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations brought by conversational assistants and seeks to optimize the combo artificial intelligence, data and quality of experience.

Her focus is to create engaging, delightful and useful voice applications that respond to the challenges of territorials, brands and usages transformations. Experienced in full, end-to-end voice product management, Sabrina’s specific expertise lies in field of voice and multimodal user experience (research, use case hypothesis, design thinking, conversational structure, scenario development, interaction design, dialogue flow, experience storyboarding and user testing).

Sabrina holds an MBA Digital Marketing and Business from EFAP/HUB Institute and a M1 from CELSA (Sorbonne University). She has a background of more than 20 years in communication and digital marketing.

Published Skills

  • Mes Déchets à Rueil: With "My Waste in Rueil" every citizen or tourist can benefit from information to properly sort waste such as household waste, recyclable waste, glass, bulky or green waste. Finally, no question of missing the next collection at a local address, inhabitants of the city just have to ask Alexa the next pick up date!
    “My Waste in Rueil” was the first skill released for a city in France.

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