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Sabrina Delale

Paris area, France

Sabrina Delale is a seasoned professional with expertise in consulting and conversational AI. As a global voice SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Voice automation and Head of CX Digital consulting in EMEA, she is responsible for leading the consulting and UX efforts in EMEA for digital customer experience @Sitel Group, managing a team of consultants and UX designers dedicated to helping clients improve their CX through the use of digital channels. Sabrina also plays a role on a global scale in building technological partnerships and crafting conversational AI solutions for clients, including designing solution offers and delivery services, establishing pricing strategies, creating and implementing effective methodologies, creating ROI models, developing KPI dashboards, and supporting sales.

With a deep passion for conversational AI and a track record as a mother of several bots and host of a popular podcast on sustainability in addition to her professional roles, Sabrina is committed to student education as an external lecturer for Digital MBA students (EFAP, IIM, LV) on the topic of Conversational User Interfaces like chatbots, callbots, and voicebots.

Published Skills

  • Mes Déchets à Rueil: With "My Waste in Rueil" every citizen or tourist can benefit from information to properly sort waste such as household waste, recyclable waste, glass, bulky or green waste. Finally, no question of missing the next collection at a local address, inhabitants of the city just have to ask Alexa the next pick up date!
    “My Waste in Rueil” was the first skill released for a city in France.
  • Eco gestes: Eco gestes is a must-listen flash briefing and podcast for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle. From reducing waste and carbon emissions to finding ways to live more harmoniously with nature, Sabrina and her guests explore the latest trends and best practices for making eco-friendly choices in our daily lives. With practical tips and inspiring stories, Eco gestes is the perfect resource for anyone looking to make a difference and create a brighter future for our planet.  

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