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Arjun Ganesan

Chennai, India

I am a Full Stack Web Developer currently working for OrangeScape as a Technical Architect building Kissflow - a Digital Workplace (for which I am currently building an Alexa skill as well). My foray into Alexa started with me participating in an Alexa Skills contest conducted by in which I won the first place. Then I started exploring more and built few skills. When APL was introduced I was very much intrigued by it. I started designing screens using the APL json but felt a tool with easy drag/drop interface can help me to design screens faster. So I built the APL Designer, a tool to design skills with APL. I got some great feedback from alexa devs for this tools. That's when I decided instead of just building skills I would build tools for my fellow Alexa devs and help them build great skills.   

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  • APL Designer - Visual Designer tool for Alexa Presentation Language
  • APL Transitions - A collection of 50+ transitions effects for APL implemented with AnimateItem command.
  • Export As AVG (IllustratorInkscape) - Adobe Illustrator Plugin and Inkscape Extension to convert any vector file to Alexa Vector Graphics
  • SVG to AVG - A web based tool to convert SVG file to Alexa Vector Graphics
  • Marketing Assets Creator - A tool to create social media assets for Alexa Skill with inbuilt Alexa speech bubble, badge support.
  • Proactive Events Sender - A web app to send/schedule proactive events (coming soon)

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