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Rob Stanbridge

London, England

Rob is the Managing Director of Vocala, an award-winning Alexa voice design studio and agency in the UK.

Since joining Vocala in 2019, Rob has been immersed into the world of Alexa and is part of the team creating award winning Alexa skills for their in-house studio Yak Yak Games and for a long list of clients including Interflora, Royal Navy, E.ON Energy, Department for Health and Social Care and Wavemaker to name a few.  The in-house games studio has over 40 skills with fans across the UK and US.  Their titles include popular TV gameshows such as the UK’s hit gameshows Pointless, Deal or No Deal, and Tenable.  Rob and the team have released titles on Amazon Kids+ with celebrity talent Fearne Cotton as well as for the hit TV show Horrid Henry.  Over the past four years, the team have won multiple Dev Post challenges for best use of Multi Modal, Beyond Voice, ISP Challenge and Alexa Conversations. Their most recent win being the global challenge for Ageing and Engaging, which coincided with Vocala working in the Senior Living sector as an Alexa Smart Property Solution Provider.  Their in-house solution is being used to deploy Alexa devices into Senior living facilities to provide Alexa capability at scale.  

Alexa Skills Published

  • Over 40 Skills published including:
  • Pointless:  Your favourite quiz show, now on Alexa! Join Alexander Armstrong, Richard Osman and Alexa in this fun but puzzling version of the Pointless Quiz Show, available on all Amazon Echo devices. The aim of the game is to score the lowest number of points as possible. To do this you must find the most obscure correct answer. Before the game we asked 100 people the same questions. So, you have to say not only a correct answer but also the answer that the fewest of our 100 people said.
  • Deal or No Deal: The official Alexa Skill.  Feel what it's like to be a contestant on the smash hit TV show, DEAL OR NO DEAL!
  • Yak Yak Games:  Yak Yak Games is a hub of the best games on Alexa, use this skill to get a game a recommendation and connect to your favourite games.

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