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Alexa Smart Properties in senior living elevates residents’ quality of life in their communities by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected, while streamlining workflows to help communities save time and money. Alexa Smart Properties simplifies deploying and managing Alexa devices at scale.

What is Alexa Smart Properties in senior living?

Alexa Smart Properties provides device fleet management to provide Alexa capabilities at scale. Residents can use Alexa to easily access information and communicate, helping them to lead more independent and socially engaged lives. At the same time, Alexa enables staff to focus on high-impact areas by creating greater efficiencies with resource-consuming activities such as, check-ins, announcements, and maintenance service requests. Alexa technology streamlines associates’ workflows and provides more quality time for resident care.


Why add Alexa to your senior living community?

“Integrating Amazon Alexa into our K4Community solution for senior living residents has created more engaged, connected and even safer communities for thousands of older adults across the nations"  - Scott Moody, CEO and Co-Founder, K4Connect

"What we do impacts people's lives. We create ways for people to connect, we deliver positive human emotions. We literally couldn't do that without our partnership with Alexa Smart Properties. They provide the platform for us to build our software on, but more importantly, they provide the guidance, support, and leadership we need to be successful…” - Matt Smith, CEO of Speak 2 Software

"One of the biggest challenges of COVID was finding ways to connect residents with their families. The Echo Shows we have throughout the community now give residents lots of opportunities to do that with video chatting - and they are loving it!"

- Ashley Garner, Activities Director, Spring Arbor Greenville

“When we started using Alexa three years ago, our senior residents were hesitant about using technology. By adopting voice technology into our community, our residents have found more independence in their daily living.” - Todd Carling, Director of Business Development, Fellowship Square Mesa Community

Alexa allows residents the ability to stay informed, independent, and connected.

Alexa helps senior residents stay connected with the community, their caregivers, and their families. With simple voice commands, your residents can use Alexa to call friends and family, set alarms, reminders, play music, get answers to their property specific questions, and control smart home devices within their rooms. Alexa Smart Properties in senior living offers inbound calling capabilities that allow selected friends and family members to contact community residents through their in-room Alexa devices.

Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living
Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living

Alexa streamlines community workflows and fosters closer connections between residents and associates. 

Alexa streamlines activities like check-ins, maintenance service requests, routine inquiries such as activity schedule or meal menus, allowing caregivers to focus on more high-impact work, helping communities save time and money.   


Easily manage, deploy, and customize large numbers of Alexa enabled devices

The Alexa Smart Properties in senior living APIs and console provide solution providers and property managers an environment to manage Alexa and smart devices in hundreds of rooms across their properties. Whether that be assigning skills to devices in rooms, sending announcements, or configuring settings such as which wake word the device responds to, there are many ways to leverage Alexa AI to improve how a community is managed. Alexa Smart Properties can help you optimize your staff workflows and increase resident engagement through scalable enterprise management tools.

Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living
Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living

Private and secure

We’ve built in multiple layers of privacy protections. Alexa Smart Properties was built with resident and community privacy in mind. Voice recordings are not saved. No personal information needs to be shared with Alexa to use the device.

Connect with solutions providers

Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living

Our network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. You can access a range of services including planning, voice design and creative, pre-tested reference architectures and hardware, software development, testing, and go-to-market support.

Interested in becoming an Alexa Smart Properties solutions provider?

Leverage Alexa Smart Properties to build solutions and services for specifically designed for senior living communities. Provide professional support for Alexa device fleet management, skill customization, and implementation solutions to senior living communities. Alexa Smart Properties technologies will enable you to build, market, and sell Alexa capabilities at scale to senior living customers.