Face-to-face tips and tutorials from our team of Alexa experts to help you build better skills, improve interactions, heighten experiences and keep you up to date on all the latest Alexa developments

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How to Build with Alexa for Mobile Apps

Sr. Product Manager, James Huang, will introduce you to the Alexa for Apps suite of developer tools, including an App Links API that lets you construct Shortcut commands for your app, as well as Send to Phone capabilities.

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Improve customer engagement with A/B Testing

Join Software Development Engineer, Harshali Chopade, and learn how A/B testing can help you maximize engagement, revenue, visitor retention and dialogue interactions. 

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Skill Builders

Build Motion-Capable Alexa Skills for All-New Echo Show 10                     


Improving Alexa Skill Quality                                                                                                         


Holiday Hacks for Alexa Development                                                                                 


Adding Smart Home Controls with AVS                                                                        


Create More Natural Conversations with Multi-Value Slots


Build Interactive Visuals with Alexa Presentation Language (APL)


Build and Manage Voice Experiences with Alexa for Residential


Explore the Alexa Knowledge Graph with Alexa Entities               


Elevate Skills from Good to Great Using Alexa Quality Tools                


Easily Build Natural Conversational Experiences for Your Skills


How Amazon's Devices and Services Event Will Impact Alexa Developers         


Alexa is on-the-go, your skills should be too                                                 


How to Build with Alexa for Apps                                                                                                     


Improve customer engagement with A/B testing                                                              


Device Makers

How to Build and Design Alexa Built-in Products for Successful Certification


Design Better Audio Volume Experiences on Alexa Built-in Products


Solution Providers

Improve your Designs Through Understanding of Acoustics Fundamentals