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Alexa Solution Providers

Our global network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. You can access a range of services including planning, voice design and creative, pre-tested reference architectures and hardware, hardware and software development, manufacturing, testing, and go-to-market support.

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Accelerate Development

Launch in months, not years, by working with teams experienced in creating Alexa experiences that meet certification requirements.

Develop High-Quality Experiences

Focus on your customer experience by simplifying Alexa development with strategic guidance and pre-tested hardware and software solutions.

Reduce Development Cost

Create Alexa experiences without building out new teams or departments, and reuse your solutions in future projects. 


Find a Solution Provider

The earlier you engage Solution Providers in your Alexa development, the better they can help accelerate your development timelines, launch high-quality experiences, and reduce your development cost. We recommend reaching out to multiple Solution Providers to find the ones that best meet your needs.

Consulting and Professional Services Firms

Engage Consulting and Professional Services firms for Alexa device ideation, prototyping, solution implementation, and product lifecycle services.

Skill Building Agencies

Engage skill building agencies for help planning, designing, developing, promoting, and optimizing Alexa skills.

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Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)

Engage ODMs for pre-tested solutions and streamlined designing, testing, and manufacturing processes.

Systems Integrators (SIs)

Engage SIs for system-level Alexa integration solutions including hardware modules, software, and services.

Chipset Development Kits

Start designing and prototyping with complete chipset reference solutions that other Solution Providers leverage.

Alexa for Hospitality Solution Providers

Engage Alexa for Hospitality Solution Providers for Alexa device fleet management, skill customization, and implementation solutions for hospitality properties.