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Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Seattle, Washington

Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek is the VP of Product Research at and the Founder of Women in Voice. is the conversational AI omnichannel platform that has been ranked #1 Best Product in Telecom by Cogx. WiV is the international nonprofit championing women and gender in voice tech.  In 4 years, WiV has scaled to 20+ chapters across 6 continents with 100+ ambassadors and is an official 501c3 Nonprofit. She is also an active Technical Advisor and consultant: Technical Advisor to South African conversational AI analytics platform, and Technical Advisor to USA-based real estate voice SEO startup, Ask DOSS.

Previously a Senior Conversation Experience Designer at Nuance, Head of Data Science and Partnerships at Mexican conversational AI startup, Netavox, Head of User Research at startup NLX, the Head of Conversational Research at VERSA Agency, and Principal User Experience Researcher at the University of Arizona, Bajorek has 9+ years of experience in strategy and execution for conversational AI products across healthcare, telecom, utilities, transportation, government, and customer service verticals.

Ranked the #4 Voice AI Influencer in the world by in 2020, “Top 11 Influencer of Voice” by 2019, WeWork Labs Entrepreneur in Residence 2020, “Top 15 Influencer” by SoundHound 2018, “Executive of the Year” Finalist 2019, Bajorek is a leader in the voice tech field domestically and internationally.

Speaking with global audiences, she has been a featured/keynote speaker at CES, VentureBeat, Alexa Devs, VOICE Summit, L3-AI by Rasa, Voice Tech Summit India, GeekGirlCon, The Voice Den, Girls Who Code, Rosetta Stone, Women in AI Summit, NewVoice Summit by Google Assistant Brazil, among others.

As a researcher and scholar, her PhD research and thought leadership pieces have been featured in Harvard Business Review (HBR), Cambridge University Press, Adobe XD Ideas, SoundHound, Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal on TBS, and UXmatters, exploring the future of voice products, bias in AI, platform disruption, and multimodal and multilingual interfaces of the future. Her article in HBR was featured on the homepage of the website and was so popular it was translated into Brazilian Portuguese as well. She holds a PhD from the University of Arizona in the field of speech language technology and an MA in Linguistics from the University of California, Davis. She lives in Seattle, WA.

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