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Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Seattle, Washington

Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek is the Head of Conversational Research and Strategy at the Melbourne-headquartered digital voice agency VERSA. Based in Seattle, she is also the Founder and Director of the international nonprofit, Women in Voice.

Women in Voice (WiV)’s mission is to celebrate amplify, and empower women and gender diversity in the voice technology field. The WiV community includes developers, conversational designers, linguists, machine learning scientists, voice actors, user experience researchers, QA, business strategists, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, among others. With local and international impact, Launched in August 2018, WiV has an international Leadership Team, 9 local international chapters with Ambassadors around the world. WiV has active chapters in Seattle, Madrid, London, Mexico City, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and NYC, as of January 2019. 

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Partnering with VentureBeat, WeWork Labs, Create33, Botsociety, VOICE Summit, and Project Voice, WiV hosts local events, webinars, hackathons, and mentorship initiatives.

In 2019, Joan was named a Top 11 Influencer of Voice by and Alexa Award Finalist as "Executive of the Year.” In 2020, she was named a finalist for “Voice/AI Pioneer of The Year” and “The Project Voice Medal for Diversity and Inclusion” for WiV.

Linguist, researcher, technologist, and scholar, Joan holds an MA in Linguistics from the University of California, Davis and PhD in the field of speech language technology from the University of Arizona. Previous roles have included Principal UX Researcher at the University of Arizona and Senior Conversation Experience Designer at Nuance. Her PhD research has been published by Harvard Business Review, Cambridge University Press, SoundHound, and UXmatters, exploring topics of voice technology, bias in AI, and multimodal interfaces.

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