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Joaquin Engelmo

Madrid, Spain

I've been working in web/mobile applications for more than 10 years now. I've been always focused on the backend side using different JVM languages like Java, Kotlin or Groovy. My daily work for the last 6 years is related to build resilient and scalable backend services. One year ago I started my journey with Alexa, as a hobby in my free time, and I am really enjoying it. I've published one skill available in three countries, writing a blog in Spanish and giving several talks and workshops all over Spain. All about developing Alexa skills. 

I believe that Alexa is a game-changer and voice-first application will be key for many businesses. This new paradigm and user interface breaks some boundaries and offers many new possibilities to developers. It is pretty amazing how people, as kids, embrace Alexa and this new technology. We have a long way ahead. It is quite exciting and challenging. I advocate for good practices, achieve great user experience and build amazing products. I hope to learn, share and participate in the community as much as possible. 

I've published one Alexa Skill in three countries for the Spanish language: Estrenos de Cine. Users can ask for movies releases in a specific period of time, like this week, this month and so on. I've been using this skill to learn about Alexa Skill development and writing all that I learn about it. It is amazing how a simple idea like that can give you so much. 

I write a blog, in Spanish, about Alexa Skill development: Here you can find all that I learn in my journey. I love sharing with the community and it helps me a lot as well actually. I learn sometimes more when I am writing a post that when I am modifying a skill. I like trying to apply new features and talk about it so you can expect content based on experience and experimentation. 

I like proposing talks and workshops to conferences and meetups. All in Spanish for now. You can find my talks on Youtube but here some of them about Alexa in the last Commit-Conf 2019 in Spain: talk and unconference. Also, I publish in my GitHub all the code that I write for my skills. 

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