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Maaike Coppens

Perpignan, France

An award-winning Voice UX designer and strategist, keynote speaker, and author, Maaike Coppens provides Voice UX consulting to start-ups, agencies, and enterprises. Maaike is the co-author of the Voice UX Workbook, and the author of 'Design Conversationnel', the first French book on the topic of Conversation Design published by Eyrolles in October 2022. Currently VP Design at OpenDialog AI, Maaike is in charge of bringing sophisticated Alexa Skill development to the fingertips of conversation designers, in a low-code, efficient platform. Maaike has also designed the VxDS—a Voice Design Sprint framework, empowered with voice-specific data-driven models and serious games. Passionate about sharing, she is a co-host for the Open Dialogues podcast, a mentor for the Conversation Designer Internet Club, and regularly speaks at industry events such as Voice Summit and more.

Alexa Contributions

  • Open Dialogues: Dr. Ronald Ashri (Founder, OpenDialog) and Maaike Coppens (Chief Design Officer, OpenDialog) share their take on conversation design, conversational applications, conversational AI and much more with featured expert guests.
  • Voice X Design Sprint: In this blog post, Maaike shares the concrete steps behind a Voice X Design Sprint, accompanied by an example.
  • Alexa & Print Disabilities: Open Dialog app offering access to books for readers with disabilities
  • OpenDialog AI - Maaike actively advocated for integration with Amazon Alexa on the platform, and is responsible for its product design.

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