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Recognizing Top Alexa Developers in the Community

Maaike Coppens

Perpignan, France

An award-winning Voice UX designer and strategist, keynote speaker, and co-author of a Voice UX Workbook, Maaike Coppens provides Voice UX consulting to start-ups, agencies, and enterprises. Currently CDO at GreenShoot Labs, Maaike keeps the conversation going as she works on their conversation design tool, OpenDialog. Passionate about sharing, she is a co-host for the VoiceLunch BookClub and the Open Dialogues podcast.

Maaike has also designed the VxDS—a Voice Design Sprint framework, empowered with voice-specific data-driven models and serious games. Passionate about sharing, Maaike is a co-host of the VoiceLunch BookClub, and the Open Dialogues podcast. Maaike recently joined hands with the amazing team at GreenShoot Labs to build the next-gen conversational experience platform, OpenDialog that empowers conversation designers to create sophisticated conversations that actually work.

Alexa Contributions

  • VoiceLunch Bookclub: The VoiceLunch Bookclub brings together voice professionals to discuss interesting reads and understand how to put their readings into practice.
  • Open Dialogues: Dr. Ronald Ashri (Founder, OpenDialog) and Maaike Coppens (Chief Design Officer, OpenDialog) share their take on conversation design, conversational applications, conversational AI and much more with featured expert guests.
  • Voice X Design Sprint: In this blog post, Maaike shares the concrete steps behind a Voice X Design Sprint, accompanied by an example.

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