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Ilarna Nche

Cambridge, England

I started building Alexa skills in the summer of 2017, whilst I was completing my degree at the University of Kent.

I entered this competition hosted by Devpost called the Alexa Kids Skill Challenge with my skill Music Bop Adventures and was one of the winners.

After graduating University, I decided to use the winnings from the competition to create Alexa skills for my company Adassa Innovations.

Published Skills

  • Music Bop Adventures: Is a popular kids skill that provides Interactive audio adventures which unlocks children’s imagination as they can go into Space, Under the Sea and many more.
  • Horse Race: Immerse yourself into a horse race and see if you are really lucky. Can you pick the winning horse? Step right up.
  • Riddle Time: Are you a Riddle Master, then put your skills up to the test!
  • Beat the Clock: Prepare yourself for the ultimate family showdown. Pens and paper at the ready as you compete against each other to see who can write the most in 30 seconds.
  • ASMR Dreams:  Get a better night's sleep with ASMR Dreams. Providing soothing relaxing triggers to help you sleep.
  • Fast Food Memory Game: Can you handle the pressure of working at a fast food restaurant? Try and remember the orders from the customers and don’t make them angry.

Connect with Ilarna

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  • Winner for the Devpost Alexa kids skill challenge
  • Finalist for the Devpost Alexa tech for good challenge
  • Certified Alexa Skill builder
  •  Featured in the Amazon Alexa Blog
  • Speaking at the Cambridge Alexa Developer meetup

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