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Hidetaka Okamoto

Kyoto, Japan

Hidetaka is a developer in Japan with expertise in Alexa, AWS, React, and WordPress. He is part of the DigitalCube development team that worked on Shifter, the first serverless hosting product for WordPress. He was awarded the title "AWS Samurai 2017" by AWS Japan.

Hidetaka was an organizer for WordCamp Kyoto 2017. He has spoken about Amazon Alexa and WordPress at various WordCamps, including in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and Singapore. He is also a moderator for the Amazon Alexa Japan User Group (AAJUG), an online/offline user community and meetup group. He has four AWS certificates.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Kyoto City Guide: This Kyoto travel guide recommends and offers information about this ancient city’s many breathtaking temples, modern cafes, and more. Contains dynamic content – responses are based on information from a regularly updated web feed. The Japanese-language version is 京都ガイド.
  • Cloud Quiz Game: This simple quiz skill helps you learn the cloud services on AWS. It also offers Karuta mode, a lightning round based on the Japanese card game. Japanese-language version is クラウドクイズゲーム.
  • 消費税計算機: A Japanese-language tax calculator to make balancing personal budgets a breeze.
  • プランクサポーター (Planck Supporter): A Japanese-language Planck counter and conversion tool for quantum theorists and the curious.
  • 地震避難サポーター (Earthquake Escape Supporter): A Japanese-language earthquake preparedness and escape plan skill with dynamic content. Dynamic content pulls its responses from a regularly updated web feed, ensuring that information is up-to-date.
  • 西宮ゴミガイド (Nishinomiya Garbage Guide): This skill provides the Nishinomiya-area garbage pickup and trash-type schedule. Ask what kind of trash to put out today, which day non-burnable trash is being picked up in your neighborhood, and so on. Supports Kamigaki-cho, Mondohigashi-machi, Aioi, and Aoki-machi. In Japanese only.
  • 茶道ガイド (Cha-dō Guide): This Japanese tea ceremony guide offers lessons and trivia about the ceremony and matcha tea. Contains dynamic content. In Japanese only.

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