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Ralf Eggert

Hamburg / Pinneberg, Germany

Ralf is developing software since almost 30 years. He started as a teen writing small games on the good old C64 and is an experienced web developer since 1998. He founded Travello in 2005, a web development agency focused on building travel communities and web application for its customers. Since spring 2017 his company is also very dedicated to voice applications with Amazon Alexa.

In February 2017 Ralf started developing his first Alexa Skill »Empfangsdame« which was implemented with PHP. This Alexa Skill was publised in March, 2017 and was the most used Alexa Skill in Germany in May, 2017. Since then he has published half a dozen other skills so far in the German Alexa Skill store. Some of them were even published in other countries. Currently, his company Travello is mainly focussing on developing Alexa Skills for a wide range of customers.

Ralf founded the Hamburg Voice Interfaces Meetup in June 2017 which is growing slowly but surely. He is also the main contributor to the PHP framework Phlexa, which was published in Mai, 2018. Ralf also wrote a couple of articles about Alexa for German magazines, attended conferences to talk about his experiences with developing Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo family and was member of the Advisory Board of the Webinale 2018 in Berlin for the Smart Assistants Day.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Empfangsdame: German Alexa Skill to welcome your guests at your home with a nice and a sneaky mode
  • Langeweile Killerin: An Alexa Skill which asks a couple of questions and makes some suggestion to fight boredom
  • Adventskalender Hallo Advent: A highly interactive Advent calendar with music, xmas tips, poems from 8 year old Ella, and a suggestion for a good deed in xmas time

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