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Jenny Mero

New York, New York

Jenny Mero is a voice app designer and developer. An Alexa enthusiast, Jenny has published Alexa skills in English and Spanish, always with the goal of helping users form genuine, real-world connections. Jenny’s work is influenced by her 15-plus years as a marketer and journalist focused on diverse, socially conscious subjects, including stints at Fortune magazine and Selecciones, the Spanish-language version of Reader’s Digest.     

Jenny holds a B.A. in Sociology from Wesleyan University and promotes learning as a lifelong exercise wherever she goes, taking any opportunity to teach school-aged kids and folks in creative fields to build Alexa skills and voice apps. She’s proud of her Brooklyn roots, is obsessed with sloths, and loves any excuse to run a race in a tutu or costume.

Published Skills

  • Freeze Dance: A modern twist on the classic children’s game with STEM concepts infused throughout.
  • Juego de las Estatuas: The Spanish-language version of Freeze Dance tailored to users in Spain. 
  • Chit Chat: This skill asks questions that prompt interesting, hilarious, and completely unexpected answers from players.

Connect with Jenny

Jenny Mero picture

  • Actively involved in empowering and teaching school-aged children and those in creative fields to code and build voice-first apps.
  • Writes about her adventures and learnings in voice development on Medium
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