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Sam Machin

Bristol, England

Sam Machin has over 15 years of experience in the communications industry and a strong track record of innovation. He currently works for Nexmo as a developer advocate, which enables him to attend events where he can chat with other developers about their projects. Sam is passionate about hackathons—he got started with Alexa at the BattleHack world finals in 2015.  

Sam is a strong believer in rapid prototyping to discover the optimal solution for both the user and the technology. He is very interested in the Alexa Voice Service and particularly enthusiastic about the idea of getting Alexa everywhere. He is primarily a server-side developer usually working in Python but has also built some front-end JavaScript applications and a small amount on swift on iOS. Aside from Alexa development, he is also experimenting with WebRTC and exploring new ways to deploy communications.

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