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Vicente G. Guzmán Lucio

Mexico City, Mexico

Vicente G. Guzmán Lucio, better known as Lucio, he is an Engineer in Computer Systems - Degree in Computer Science - Master in Information Technology and has a Master in Commercial Management and Marketing. He has 9 years of experience in the professional field focused on the development of mobile applications, where he started with Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, among others ... He currently works as Xamarin Developer.

He was recognized as Microsoft MVP in the category of Windows Development, also has several certifications, among them and by Microsoft are those of Microsoft Certified Trainer, which endorses it to provide courses, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Professional, Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and Scrum Master.

He is currently learning about new voice-based technologies and developing skills for Amazon Alexa.

In his spare time, in addition to training to run a marathon, he focuses on writing articles on his blog focused on mobile development, artificial intelligence and voice-based services

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