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Clara Jiménez Recio

Madrid, Spain

Clara is a Telecommunications Engineer who spent 4 years of her professional career in a research environment surrounded by papers and teaching at the University. When it felt like time for a change of career and lifestyle, she decided to start over in a new company working with her guilty pleasure: JavaScript. It could be said that, in 2020, her career just took an unexpected twist - from being a PhD researcher to working as a FullStack developer. Since then, she has been working in Gamelearn, a Spanish game-based learning company, developing web applications (particularly in the backend-side). In the meantime, she has really enjoyed creating multiple voice applications for Alexa.

Since 2019, she has already developed 7 Skills, which are published in various locales: Spanish, English and French. Two of those skills are quite popular: Simon Says and Papá Noel. Simon Says recently brought her to collaborate with Volley That, an Alexa trivia games company. One of her Spanish Skills (Pocoyó) was developed for Alexa's Amazon Kids launch in Spain.

She has won a couple of hackathons: Alexa Games hackathon (first prize) in Madrid in 2019 and Alexa Skills Challenge: Beyond Voice in 2021 (this time she was a finalist and also won Best Games & Trivia Skill category).

Clara has also written some posts in her blog about Alexa Skills development and others related to AWS components that could be used to develop Skills. She has presented talks about Alexa and her Alexa Skills in events organized by Women in Voice Spain and Codemotion. Those talks are online and can be accessed from her blog.

She is also part of Women in Voice Spain and Alexa Community Spain. Because of that, she organized a hackathon in 2021 (Hackathon Alexa: Impacto Social) in collaboration with Skill Champion Nieves Ábalos. From time to time, she also participates in Alexa Community Spain streams on Twitch, where they try to give a platform to different Alexa Skills (in Spanish) developers.

Alexa Skills Published

  •  "The Werewolves Game" is an interactive and multiplayer game in which you will immerse yourself in a really great adventure, diving into the game with your mobile phones (entering the website and Alexa as the narrator. It was awarded in the Beyond Voice Challenge with the Best Games & Trivia Skill and it was also a finalist Skill.
  • “Simon Says” is an educational game based on following the instructions issued by Simon (only when prefaced with the phrase "Simon says").
  •  “Papá Noel”, currently the best valued skill in Spain, is an Alexa Skill for Christmas time to interact with Santa Claus.
  • “Quién es Quién” is a Spanish Skill game in which you have to guess the character Alexa is thinking of before she guesses yours. You can play with the characters’ board that appears on the device’s screen or print your own board from the game’s website.

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