Alexa Skills Kit

Teach Alexa a new skill and reach millions of customers

Why build skills?

Get in early

Natural user interfaces, such as those based on speech, represent the next major disruption in computing. With Alexa, you can take advantage of this new form of interaction.

Reach more customers

Engage with your customers through voice on devices with Alexa including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Fire TV devices, and all devices powered by the Alexa Voice Service.

Create engaging experiences

Delight your audience with a completely new way to interact with your service. Customers don't need to use their hands; all they have to do is ask Alexa.

Gain expertise in voice design

The Alexa Skills Kit is a low-friction way to learn to build for voice. Create your first Alexa skill and add a valuable new skill to your developer toolkit. You can get a prototype up and running in just a few hours.

Scale in the cloud

You can use your existing cloud-based service to get started. Or you can leverage AWS Lambda, which makes it easy to build a cloud-based service that responds quickly to a voice request.

Build for free

ASK is free to use and AWS Lambda is free for the first one million calls per month. And Alexa skill developers can apply to receive AWS promotional credits to be put toward their Alexa skills.

Learn what you can build with ASK

ASK supports command-oriented skills as well as sophisticated multi-command dialogues and parameter passing. You can build the following types of skills with ASK.

Custom skills

These skills can handle just about any type of request. You define the requests the skill can handle (intents) and the words users say to invoke those requests (utterances). Learn more >>

Smart home skills

With these skills, users can control cloud-enabled smart-home devices like lights and thermostats. The Smart Home Skill API defines the requests the skill can handle (device directives) and the words users say to invoke those requests (utterances). Learn more >>

Flash briefing skills

These skills provide original content for users’ flash briefings. The Flash Briefing Skill API defines the words users say to invoke the flash briefing or news request (utterances) and the format of the content so that Alexa can provide it to the user. Learn more >>

Get started

Watch our on-demand webinar for an introduction to the Alexa Skills Kit. And log in to our developer portal to start building your skill.

You can also rely on experienced skill builders and additional tools to help bring your skill to life.

Design a rich voice experience

A successful Alexa skill starts with well-designed voice user interface (VUI). Engaging voice experiences are based on natural language and the fundamentals of human conversation. Read Voice Design Best Practices and watch Voice Design 101 to learn how to design for the ear, not for the eye.

If you are building a custom skill, create a framework to map user requests to intents your service can handle. And build out sample phrases so that your skill responds to user intents.

Not sure where to start?

Looking for skill ideas? Consider designing a game skill. Twenty percent of our top skills are games like Jeopardy!, Animal Game, and The Wayne Investigation.

With our tool and source code, you can graphically design interactive adventure games for Alexa. You can also design and build decision-tree skills and trivia skills with ASK. Get started >>

Build and host your skill in the cloud

Alexa is based in the cloud so she’s always getting smarter and customers never have to download updates to your skill. You can set up your skills in AWS Lambda or another cloud-based hosting service. AWS Lambda is free for the first one million calls per month. You can also apply to receive AWS promotional credits. Check out our documentation on creating Lambda functions.

Follow our step-by-step guide to build a custom skill. When coding your skills, refer to our documentation on handling requests and on leveraging ASK samples. You can also build skills faster and with less complexity using the Alexa SDK for Node.js on GitHub.

Not sure where to start?

You can start building quickly with our easy-to-use code samples. For additional help, check out our webinars, office hours, and developer forums.

Submit your skill for certification

Once you’ve built your skill, get your skill added to the Alexa skills store for anyone to discover and use. After your skill is published, you can apply to receive a limited-edition Alexa dev shirt. There are three steps to getting your skill certified and published.

1. Register your skill to add it to the developer portal.

2. Test your skill using (no device needed).

3. Submit your skill following our certification tips and checklist.

Make your skill smarter over time

Over time, monitor how people interact with your skill, then build on your learnings. Successful Alexa skills evolve over time to enhance the user experience. As you add capabilities to your skill, aim to increase utility.

Check out our training page for additional resources. You can also leverage experienced skill builders and additional tools to help you optimize what you've built.

See what others have built with Alexa
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Fans of America's favorite game show can now play along at home. Complete with a greeting by Alex Trebek, J!6 serves up six new clues every day.

Bethesda's truly smart home

In this house, Alexa controls all the smart appliances including the TV, the lights, the ceiling fan, the thermostat, and even the window shades.

An Alexa-controlled model car

Teen dev extraordinaire Austin Wilson built an Alexa skill that moves his model car forward and backward, turns it left and right, and brings it to a stop.

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