Build LLM-powered Alexa experiences
Explore tools that leverage our advances in generative AI.

Create more natural, conversational and intuitive Alexa experiences

Developers will be able to integrate their APIs or content into Alexa’s LLM and create experiences that allow customers to access real-time data, enjoy immersive generative AI-enhanced games, perform tasks like booking restaurant reservations, getting a succinct summary of a trending news story, and more. In addition, smart home developers will be able to model actions easily to enable customers to interact naturally with their devices.

Innovative and engaging

Build next generation customer experiences to help find dinner reservations, plan trips, control smart home devices and more.

Flexibility and choice

Leverage different LLM integration options to bring your innovations to customers around the world.

Simpler and faster

Build easily without having to write complex code or train specific interaction models.

Developer tools for building LLM-powered experiences

Integrate with Alexa's LLM

Build richer experiences by connecting content or APIs with Alexa's LLM or augment voice interactions by integrating with any LLM.

Integrate common device actions

Define the actions and targets for your smart home device with Action Controller and deliver intuitive experiences.

Integrate unique device features

Just describe what your smart home device can do with Dynamic Controller and Alexa will do the rest.


Splash harnesses generative AI to empower a new breed of musicians, creating songs by voice through the Splash experience on Alexa.


See how Character.AI is creating the future of creativity and conversation by leveraging generative AI and Alexa.