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Daniel Mittendorf

Oberhausen, Germany

Daniel started developing for the World-Wide-Web back when he was in School. His first website and start-up were launched in 2003. With the emerge of the new Voice-enabled Alexa devices, Daniel started developing Alexa Skills back in 2017 with the release of the first Alexa display device, the first Echo Show. The Echo Show was placed in his family kitchen but Daniel was missing an important feature: He wanted to use Alexa to watch local television. So he created an Alexa Skill called "Stream Player" which two years later is available in 8 countries and 4 languages and supports all Echo devices.

In 2019 Daniel launched, a Voice Development and Design Studio and the first Agency focussing on Voice development in the German Ruhrgebiet area. He has published more than 20 Alexa Skills some even available in other languages and countries. is currently focussing on consulting brands and companies as to their voice strategy and developing interactive user-friendly Alexa Skills for a wide range of customers active in the entertainment, health care or publishing/education business.

Daniel is actively answering questions in the German Facebook Alexa Developers group, publishing sample code on Github on how to generate more immersive Alexa Skills mixing Polly voices with background music locally in the Skills Lambda function. He is also very active in discussing the current Alexa development on Twitter and was invited twice by Amazon to share his best practices on creating a successful Alexa Skill using In-Skill-Purchases in Germany called "Mein Haustier".

Daniel thinks that education is key for kids to become confident and successful, so he has launched a free consulting program for Schools, Universities and other educational institutions in Germany to share his knowledge with kids, teens and young adults and show them the possibilities working with and for a Voice-enabled future. In May 2020 merged with Betyo, a leading German Voice Agency.  

In 2022 Beyto was aquired by MUUUH! Group. Daniel is now working on Conversational AI projects, mainly for Voice, Phone and Chatbots as "Principal Conversational AI" for MUUUH! Next.

Alexa Skill Published

  • "Mein Haustier": First of its kind simulation Game. German Alexa Skill featuring ISP which will allow you to raise, feed and take care of a puppy or kitten (or choose an ISP Dragon or Unicorn) for 30 days
  • Stream Zone: A German Skill to allow Alexa users to watch or listen in on their beloved Twitch streams
  • Notfall- und Warnmeldungen: Get proactive notification in case of civil alerts or in the event of danger, based on the information system provided by the Federal Government and the German states.
  • Stream Player: Watch and listen to your favorite local and international TV stations. Available in five languages and nine countries.
  • Warnportal: Stay up to date in case of product warnings and other important information, for example, food recalls.

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