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Tom Hewitson

London, England

Tom is a conversation designer and founder of voice games studio He has created some of the most popular games for Amazon Alexa. His work focuses on establishing a global presence by taking advantage of the many locales and languages that Alexa is available in. He has managed to turn making games for Alexa into a full-time business, building a team of seven people that work exclusively on genre-defining voice-first experiences.

Tom is a regular speaker on the topic of conversation design and runs London's largest Chatbot and Voice Assistant meetupthat currently has more than 2,000 members. He is always open to conversations about voice games, conversation design, internationalization, and monetization.

Alexa Skills Published

  • Would you rather?: Turn any awkward social gathering into, at the very least, a moderately good time. Break the ice and discover surprising and potentially startling things about the strangers sitting next to you with a series of “Would you rather?” questions.
  • True or False: Think you’re a trivia pro? This is a fun game to test your knowledge about the world by answering either "true" or "false." The rules are simple, but the questions aren’t.
  • Trivia Hero: Welcome to Trivia Hero, the general knowledge race against the clock! You have just 60 seconds to answer as many tricky trivia questions as you can. It's a race against time – can you can become the trivia hero? Play on your own or against up to 20 others!
  • The Fake News Game: Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers (at least if you want to win)! The Fake News Game challenges you to work out whether some of the most headline-grabbing stories of recent years are "fake" or "news."
  • Would you rather? Family: Are you ready to answer the most ludicrous and silly questions ever created for Alexa, written especially for kids?
  • Night Light: Tired of stubbing your toe or standing on an upturned plug every time you need the bathroom late at night? Night Light lets your Alexa cast a cool, subdued glow that's enough to see your way around.
  • On This Day: On This Day tells you interesting things that happened on today’s date in the past. Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter, to increase your knowledge or you simply love history, On This Day will fill your life with interesting facts every single day.

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