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Dominik Meissner

Munich, Germany

Dominik Meissner has been leading the voice revolution in Germany since the
introduction of the fist Alexa devices back in 2017. With the first device in his hands he started building Alexa Skills and never stopped.

Fast forward to today: He is now running 169 Labs, a successful Alexa agency that has landed some of the biggest skill projects in Germany and Europe with almost a 100 Alexa Skills in the store. In his role as co-founder he is responsible for multimodal voice strategies and technology.

Dominik is passionate about building the community that arose around the technology. He attends many meetups, meetings, conferences and speaking engagements in Germany and Europe and even the US. Having so much fun talking about the future of voice, he helped to start the biggest voice conference in Europe ALL ABOUT VOICE (2018 & 2019 in Munich with 350 participants), since the pandemic it moved into the virtual space with more than 10
events so far.

As a passionate developer he is an active contributor to open source projects around Alexa (Jovo, SSML, ASK SDK) and tries to do his best to help out whenever someone is stuck. With a big vision in mind he always supports Women in Voice and other groups that encourage a more diverse developer community and try to spread the knowledge equally.

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